Love, Love, Love

Love by Robert Indiana as seen on Artnet  Time to get ready for Valentines Day


After Robert Indiana(American, b. 1928)
LOVE, 2011
Lot ID: 115220

  • 3 x 3 x 1.5 in. (7.62 x 7.62 x 3.81 cm.)
Stamped with copyright information on the underside

What you do not see

The Sharing Knowledge Project The Arctic Studies Center

Esghallghilnguq [what you do not see],
Nagaqullghilnguq [do not hear],
Nanghiillghilnguq [do not experience],
 Nalluksaghqaq [you will never really know].”
–  Iyaaka (Anders Apassingok, St. Lawrence Island Yupik)
From Sivuqam Nangaghnegha: Siivanllemta Ungipaqellghat
(Lore of St. Lawrence Island: Echoes of our Eskimo Elders


I came across an entry by a photographer in the Olympus Contestand had to include it hear. Great job. It inspired me to go google and see what it was about.

 Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 5.32.41 PM
Downtown Anchorage, Alaska

Fake Rothko

Rothko has always been one of my favorite painters. I have sat in Museums and looked at his work and wondered how he created the incredible images that seem to glow.

And now I learn that someone created and sold a supposedly fake Rothko and the trial goes on. Amazing. Learn more in interesting articles in

Sparks Fly at Knoedler Trial as Defrauded Buyer of Fake Rothko Painting Takes StandDe-Sole-Rothko-e1453757310793

More Joy Every Day

I started a new site that is about JOY.  I hope you will go check it out and let me know what you think…

Click Here:


Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 7.01.15 AM.png

Nathan Oliver and Chris Gwaltney

Wonderful new inspiration. Nathan Oliver.   Came across him after seeing site of Chris Gwaltney

How wonderful to be inspired by others.

Nathan Oliver.

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 9.52.27 AM

Chris Gwaltney

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 9.55.12 AM.png

Gerriet Postma-Netherlands Painter

Came across this artist today.  I loved his passion and color and the free way he applied paint.


Biography Gerriet Postma

Screen Shot 2016-01-17 at 5.52.24 PM.png, born 30th october 1932 in Twijzelerheide, Friesland,

Postma puts his heart and soul into his paintings. He is not so much concerned with beauty as with sincerity. A good painting is an honest painting, born from an undiluted urge for expression. And that means not only charging yourself with energy and drive, but also to be open to the darker side of life, to the shadow part that makes you vulnerable. One by one Postma has explored the barriers to his soul, and his paintings have become freer, wilder and fiercer in consequence. But there is more. Postma’s method does not only reflect the most private expression of the most private emotions, but also a quest for the secret behind the material, for the effects of different layers of paint, for tension opposed to balance. Read more. 

Go to YouTube and see more of his fabulous work.




My Favorite Dumas



Jule – die Vrou [Jule – the Woman]

Marlene Dumas is a South African born artist and painter who lives and works in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. In the past Dumas produced paintings, collages, drawings, prints and installations. She now works mainly with oil on canvas and ink on paper. Wikipedia


My other favorite work by Marlene Dumas is:

One of the top-selling female artists in the world, Marlene Dumas is a young painter whose works deal with the cycle of life as well as issues of gender, sexuality, pleasure, and pain. …Google Books
Read this wonderful more current article.  Very interesting.  Marlene Dumas Vogue
In 2008, Dumas earned the title of most expensive female artist when her painting The Visitor, a scene showing a group of prostitutes being viewed by a man, sold at auction at Sotheby’s for £3.1 million. That all-time high has since been eclipsed, but Dumas’s larger works still command staggeringly high prices on the secondary market: in 2011 her painting My Mother Before She Became My Mother went on the block at a charity auction in aid of Haiti with a $600,000 (£383,000) estimate. It sold for $2 million.  Marlene Dumas received the prestigious Johannes Vermeer Award from the Dutch state

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