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John Harris


I love my morning time when I peruse through the internet and google my way to sheer joy. I began my search this morning looking at abstract oil painters and then meandered my way to a site that held the work of John Harris.   I was first drawn to his paintings of Yachts. John Harris is renowned for his brilliant yacht paintings, illustrating the excitement and unpredictable nature of the sea and I loved how they were more abstract.

John Harris is a British artist and illustrator, known for working in the science fiction genre. His paintings have been used on book covers for many authors..read more.

Then I was hooked and had to find his site. I spent an enjoyable 20minutes watching a video he created called the Secret History of the Earth. Worth watching.  I took the liberty to screen grab some sections that I found lovely.  Inspiring. Real. Moving.

This body of work, which is a reflection of Man’s relationship with the earth, is a deeply personal one for John.

He takes us from the genesis of the project right through to its fullest form of expression.

For more info:




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