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“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.” ~Albert Einstein

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Born in Kellogg, Idaho in 1947. Cheryl Johnson is of Finnish and Scotch Irish descent and in her early artistic career painted both under her familiar and family names: Cheri’ and Cherah Boryl Jaurvaii.

Cheryl is well traveled and has her studios in both Kauai and North Carolina. She also often spends extended times with her sisters who live and move in Montana, Idaho, Washington and Canada. Cheryl’s extended family lives in Oklahoma, England and North Carolina.

Cheryl Johnson began painting professionally in 1969 and has had numerous shows throughout her career.

Artistic Focus

Cheryl is a contemporary American artist who creates rich and profoundly original paintings, drawings, photographs and sculptures which are alluring, disconcerting, confrontational and beautiful.

Foremost, Cheryl is first an artist and also a strategic consultant, highly skilled at bringing a new perspective to familiar challenges. Ms. Johnson is noted for providing exceptional thought leadership; and she is recognized as brilliantly equipped to look beneath a complex surface and offer elegant, enlightening solutions. Often her ideas are profound, novel and clarifying.

She is proficient in developing corporate learning content, instructional design and performance improvement solutions for large and small organizations. She consults on website development, branding and marketing. As a keynote speaker and across contexts she capitalizes on her expert ability to stimulate and maximize personal and group excellence. She is quick to smile and overall approaches life with enthusiasm that is contagious.

Cheryl most recently worked for IBM as a Certified Learning Specialist. During her tenure with IBM she served as a vital member of the IBM Talent Organization/Workforce Management Division. She actively contributed as a Senior Instructional Designer and Expertise Management Specialist. Additionally, Cheryl was a Global Business Services Consultant and advised IBM clients in Executive Coaching Seminars.

Additionally, Cheryl served as an IBM Workforce Management Global Community of Practice Leader; where she established multiple communities to enhance leadership, workforce management and social media connections. These Social media communities were available to all IBMers to share and exchange ideas.

Cheryl has a love for learning and she is a highly skilled researcher. Her research has focused on decision-making, attitude-change theory, and social cognition – how people process information, make decisions, and act on information. She is the co-author of multiple articles on career development, thought leadership and expertise management.

Cheryl has a Bachelor of Arts and Masters degrees in education.

Previously, she has served in the following capacities:

IBM Talent Organization
Training Director – Grid South, a large electric utility transmission firm
Principle Owner of Video Works serving clients such as Prudential, AT&T, Northern Telecom, Kodak and IBM.
Created over 500 hours of Computer Based Training and E-Learning for Fortune 500 companies such as Piedmont Gas, AT&T and SOS International.
Ms. Johnson has the ability to quickly become a trusted advisor. She has proven ability to motivate and inspire cross discipline teams to create and deliver superb innovative work under tight deadlines.

“Hide not your talents. They for use were made. What’s a sundial in the shade?” – Benjamin Franklin

Technique and Style
Cheryl’s gallery section houses a rich variety of quality fine art that includes original contemporary paintings such as landscapes, seascapes, abstracts, portraits, figurative studies and still life in oil, acrylic, pastel, watercolor or mixed media. The multi-modal and varied media collection also features examples of photography. Her sculpture works are primarily in clay, wood and mixed media combines.

Cheryl’s abstract paintings are emotional on many levels and not only evoke impressions of people and places inspired by her travels, but also have a sculptural and two-dimensional feeling as she enjoys working with texture. Her painting is characterized by energetic drawing and dramatic contrasts of light and dark. Cheryl creates her art using mixed media of oil and acrylics combined with plaster, marble dust and dolomite sand. She paints on varied surfaces: wood and, metal panel or canvas. Her use of pigment mixed with plaster, mica or steel dust add a mineral aspect to the painting, which combined with her vibrant palette, gives an overflowing fluidity to her work. She has developed a technique which involves laying successive layers of tinted glaze over high contrast monochrome under painting combined with impasto areas.

As well as doing studio work, Cheryl also enjoys working on location with oils, pastels or watercolors’. This occasional change to “plein air” painting allows for a more spontaneous approach to making art, and is a refreshing release from the more controlled studio environment or deliberate works.”

Cheryl’s early work was very realistic and she has been commissioned to do many portraits. “I enjoyed painting people and figures, however now I am drawn more to the emotion and do not find the rigidity of exact likeness to be my current preference.” She strives to create energy and movement in the human figure while allowing the space to have importance. I am striving to learn how to use the power of space as it enables the viewer a place to breathe. In her latest figurative collection “Transitions’ each painting is titled with the emotions that Cheryl felt while painting it; she invites you to experience the same emotion or perhaps your own. See her works entitled. Breathe, Bodacious (the body beautiful).

Abstract Expressionism

Moving from people to places to feelings, Cheryl became interested in the space surrounding the figure and moved aggressively to abstract seascapes and landscapes.

Cheryl’s works are a response to how she has been moved by the spirituality, immensity and mystery of the land and sea. Although, her recent works do not always represent a particular motif or place, she strives for the essence of the place and all that a ‘landscape or seascape’ can imply, not just the natural physical beauty of the landscape.

Cheryl’s drive is to pull back the color and noise of life, making quiet the clanging and clutter and many bombarding images and clear the tangles of overlapping branches and discordant feelings to reveal a moment of space that creates a world of color and harmony. Her works are evident of her struggle to find that inner place of peace we all search for. Her bright colours often collide in solid strokes of directional purpose. Dark hues may create form or figure and perhaps our visceral response is to want to look behind the color and shapes and line and find the emotional spectacle that wants to come out. Cheryl often turns the flashlight on memory and forgotten places and faces will emerge.


Cheryl love shooting images and people randomly as she travels and uses photographs taken during her travels as ‘inspiration or support material’ for her paintings. A selection of these photos can be explored in her “Drive by Shooting Series.’ Cheryl also enjoys the beauty in the detail and explores macro or close up photography and is drawn to photographing close up flower and fauna.


Cheryl is the daughter of a carpenter and loves to use tools and enjoys the aspect of craft. Cheryl has dabbled in many sculptural media and her current focus is on found materials and combines along with clay and wood carving. From her early childhood of building small rock dams across the Moyie River to erecting Cairns in her yard Cheryl is fascinated by balancing stone and rock. “Cairns are often erected as landmarks and in ancient times they were erected as sepulchral monuments or used for practical and astronomical uses, to me they are just beautiful arrangements of rock and stone balancing and connecting in space. They do mark however the resting places of my dear sweet animals and pets.”

“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.” ~Albert Einstein



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