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ABOUT Cherinow

Cherinow is one of the many personas of artist Cheryl Johnson, born and raised in upstate Idaho and operating; now out of a tree house in Kauai.

“Levitating in the mountains is my favorite passtime,” Cheri chides….ah to be above it all…”

Cheri is continually experimenting with many types of media, oil, watercolor and mixed media as she searches for meaning in life and explores ways to express her feelings.


Some guy named Jason said it all.

All art is self portraiture. Everyone may be able to take a picture and manipulate it on photoshop, but what the individual does with his/her camera is an individual expression. It cannot be duplicated in the exact same manner with the exact same feeling. I can copy your work, but it will never BE your work. Therefore, it is art, whether you like it or not.