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Yet I Do Marvel

I have seen Sam Gilliam’s work in museums and I must admit. I walked up and looked at his work, first because it was drapped hanging canvas and I thought how wonderful that is. Then, secondly, because I liked what I saw. Next time go look at who the artist is when you see something you like. Take the time to learn more.

Screen Shot 2018-01-06 at 10.00.45 AM

As an artist, I am constantly looking and learning from other artists. I somewhere in all of my searching have been looking for my own voice and hoping to hear familiar words and sounds in other artists work so I might join their tribe. I joined the Abstract Expressionists because I like the language they speak.

I love his titles: “Yet do I marvel,” “The Music of Color.”  I hear you Sam. Thank you for inspiring me.


Go look at Sam Gilliam again, now in his eighties, his work is getting more recognition. How wonderful is that? Gilliam’s career is long “and it has been successful. I pray one day they say that about my work. 

Go read more about him:

At Age 84, Living Legend Sam Gilliam Is Enjoying His Greatest Renaissance Yet

“Whatever you call it, Gilliam has been enjoying an unprecedented level of attention in recent years. The 84-year-old artist represented the US at the Venice Biennale way back in 1972; he was the first African American artist to do so. But his market has been slow to catch up—until now.”

A Long Time Coming

Gilliam’s late-breaking commercial success comes despite—or perhaps because—he eschewed a conventional path for most of his life.

He did things his own way, Binstock says, “by not signing on with a gallery; by selling out of the studio; by making abstract art when abstract painting was unfashionable; and by making abstract painting when black artists were being called upon by other culturally influential people in the black community to make art that was in line with the political cause. In other words, he actually did nothing that he needed to do in order to become successful.”


Take the time to learn more about Sam Gilliam you will marvel.

At Smithsonian African American Museum, A Washington Painter Gets His Due

“Most painters are better when they’re older,” he says. “They’re mature. Single-minded. And they have something to say because they practiced, made a lot of mistakes, and they’re cultured.” Sam Gilliam

Sam am I old enough yet? Cheryl Johnson Artist



Morning with – Lisa Brunetti

For some reason, I have a fascination with and for squirrels.  I happened across a photo on Zebra Site...and thought…ah this site is familiar. How fun is that. Today I was inspired by a woman who apparently likes squirrels and has a number of sites, that are an inspiration. Lisa Brunetti.

 Screen Shot 2017-12-22 at 4.40.44 PM

I came across her site that you will enjoy if you love squirrels, honesty, photography, spiral art and more.

Go read it is worth the journey.  https://playamart.wordpress.com/

I think I should say more about this site Playamart. Take the time to read this ladies journey.  Her thoughts and writing will move and inspire you. And isn’t that what life is all about.

She creates art inspired by the spiral.

Zeebra Designs & Destinations

~ An Artist’s Eyes Never Rest

This note caught my eye

“A friend says that he loves my stories, but it’s a shame that I’m in an institution in Mississippi and making this all up!” Lisa Brunetti

(What do you think?)  Made me smile. Thank you, Lisa Brunetti.  


Read more about this interesting artist

“We all leave traces of ourselves; tiny bits of our soul linger behind and continue to touch others. By having others help with a group painting, those energies will forever be embedded in that work.” Lisa Brunetti

With such a philosophy, it is no wonder she has created workshops centering on group painting called,  “I Can Do This!”  In these workshops held in Panama, Costa Rica and Ecuador, she calls for even more involvement, with a view to creating artists as well as art.  

For more on Brunetti’s Mola Series, along with painting names and an in-depth look at how each work evolved, go to PRECOLUMBIAN MOLA SERIES.  To connect with the artist herself and read more about her on-going projects, go to her award-winning blog: Zeebra Designs and Destinations. 

PRECOLUMBIAN MOLA SERIES Watercolors by Lisa Brunetti – tzeebra@yahoo.com (Detail: “Mariposa” original watercolor by Lisa


Be sure not to miss her other site. This Little-Blue Bird site will be on extended vacation now that Friends Helping Other Friends site is ready to connect like-minded people, especially those who are interested in protecting Ecuador’s cloud and rain forests.

Read more about her here.  Thank you Lisa for the inspiration. Live Loud!

The Totalmente Zen Art of Lisa Brunetti 

Cesare Lucchini

Why write about Cesare Luchini?  I came across his work first on Artsy when I did a search for Abstract Expressionism and asked myself  this question. “I wonder who I would like to emulate?  ”

Today my answer was-

Cesare Lucchini ( Bellinzona , 10 July 1941 [1] [2] ) is a painter SwissItalian .

What did I love.  The transparent softness and feel of his work.

I was drawn to this piece because of the space, something I want to learn to put into my work more.

quel che rimane, 2011
oil on canvas
194 x 180 cm



See more of his work: 

Screen Shot 2016-11-06 at 11.20.58 AM.png

Wise Buys: 50 Women Artists Worth Watching

I have been finding a plethora of sites that feature women artists.  How wonderful is that.

Take the time to explore this article. It is worth the time and the read.

“Wouldn’t it be nice to think that a gender-delimited list is no longer relevant? It’s true that to be a practicing woman artist today is hardly the struggle it would have been in Mary Cassatt’s era…”

Read more Blouinartinfo

Screen Shot 2016-10-24 at 10.23.11 AM.png

Women – Brushes with Greatness

How wonderful to open a page about women artists in Wmagazine.



W visits the studios of eight women painters who are featured in The Museum of Modern Art’s new exhibit “The Forever Now”—and finds not 
a single wallflower in the bunch.

When pursuing further I found the show on MOMA

The Forever Now: Contemporary Painting in an Atemporal World presents paintings by 17 contemporary artists that reflect a singular peculiarly of our time in culture: these works are atemporal, a term coined by the science fiction writer and futurologist William Gibson. “Atemporality,” or timelessness, which is also evident in contemporary literature, music, and fashion, manifests itself in painting as an ahistorical cultural free-for-all, in which styles, techniques, and subjects from many different eras coexist, sometimes in a single work, making it difficult to identify the period in which an artwork was made.

John Harris

I love my morning time when I peruse through the internet and google my way to sheer joy. I began my search this morning looking at abstract oil painters and then meandered my way to a site that held the work of John Harris.   I was first drawn to his paintings of Yachts. John Harris is renowned for his brilliant yacht paintings, illustrating the excitement and unpredictable nature of the sea and I loved how they were more abstract.

John Harris is a British artist and illustrator, known for working in the science fiction genre. His paintings have been used on book covers for many authors..read more.

Then I was hooked and had to find his site. I spent an enjoyable 20minutes watching a video he created called the Secret History of the Earth. Worth watching.  I took the liberty to screen grab some sections that I found lovely.  Inspiring. Real. Moving.

This body of work, which is a reflection of Man’s relationship with the earth, is a deeply personal one for John.

He takes us from the genesis of the project right through to its fullest form of expression.

For more info:



Hiroshi Matsumoto

Apr. 1, 2013′ (2013) from the ‘9×9 painting’ series by Japanese abstract painter Hiroshi Matsumoto (b.1953). Oil on canvas, 9 x 9 cm. via the artist on Flickr.

Amazing if we take the time to look we can find inspiration everywhere from every corner of this earth. I loved how politely you are welcomed to his site. Welcome to www.hiroshimatsumoto.com

I agree with Hiroshi that you can get lost in exploring the paths of colour.  I particularily was drawn to this piece as I liked the soft colour combination. Lovely!

“I love oil paint, it’s texture, viscosity, slow-drying time and smell. I paint abstract. I never know what it is going to be until it’s complete. When I start to paint, I always put some colours on the canvas without thinking. My choice of colours is often accidental or intuitive. I try to catch the chance meeting of colour with composition. Sometimes I get lost, and then other times I find myself walking along a path that brings me back to where I belong. Abstract is for me a concrete way to share an inner sense, place and time with you directly and deeply.”  Artists Statement Hiroshi Matsumoto .