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Brighten the Corner Where You Are

I remember that song I sang as a child in Children’s Church. Brighten the Corner Where You Are. Keep Gods light glowing where you are.

Summer Secret Forest



To purchase go to my shop on Art Finder


  • Mixed Media painting, Paper
  • One of a kind artwork
  • Size: 38 × 28 × 0.3 in (unframed) / 38 × 28 in (actual image size)
  • This artwork is sold unframed
  • Signed on the back


Why not ad colorful art to your home or living environment. Now you can own a beautiful painting that has the colors you like to surround your home. Do not forget you can request custom colors be used in the paintings Cheryl Johnson Charlotte, NC American Abstract Artist will paint for you. Contact us today.

I enjoyed creating this Summer Secret Forest and it did brighten the corner where I am.

To purchase go to my shop on Art Finder


I believe

I believe that when I trust my instincts, I  produce my best work.

This week was filled with lots of activity of getting art ready to put online to sell. Some were accepted and others rejected.  I have to remind myself that everyone likes different things and because the curator chose not to accept one of my paintings there was nothing wrong with it. She is in her 20’s or 30’s..young anyway and I am in by 60’s. So naturally different things appeal to each of us.

I do know this. I am an artist, first and last and always and am inspired to keep creating.

This week I focused on UGallery as they have been supportive and I have made sales on there site.

They accepted: Waiting for Spring.


I also painted another new Painting they chose to not include.

But tell me what is your favorite and why? 


Princeville Community Center Art Show Kauai

Northshore Kauai Artists

North Shore artists Cheri Johnson, Ibbie Al Shamma White, Anne Schneider, Wicki Van De Veer and Suzie Faye show off representative sampling of their artwork which will be on exhibition at the Princeville Community Center from 4 to 8 p.m., Friday and from 1 to 5 p.m., Saturday. The fine arts exhibition is sponsored by the Princeville Association and includes new work from artists from Kee to Kilauea. – Photo by Contributed Photo C. Johnson


Original by Cheryl Johnson
Oil 30″x40″

Original by Cheryl Johnson
Ke’e Beach Wave Kauai
Oil 18″x24″



A journey through fascinating ideas, astonishing new ways to think and create.

To view my personal website and art please click here: artcheryljohnson.com

Art is

Cheryl Johnson
30″ x 40″
Wainiha Kauai 4




I am finally painting again. I am so great-full.

I am also selling online at SaatchiOnline


The true mystery of the world is the visible, not the invisible.
Oscar Wilde

Douglas R. Hofstadter

We do a lot of looking: we look through lenses, telescopes, television
Our looking is perfected every day, but we see less and less.

Frederick Franck

The greatest thing a human soul ever does in this world is to see
something …
To see clearly is poetry, prophecy, and religion, all in one.

John Ruskin

Seeing what is actually in front of you, as opposed to what your past
experience and thought process indicates is present or others have
taught or indoctrinated into you is there, is a rare skill.

Stewart Bitkoff

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but
in having new eyes.
Marcel Proust

we can see best when we\’re looking for the least.

Clarity, insight or understanding, are only
possible when thought is in abeyance, when the mind is still. Then only
can you see very clearly, then you can say you have really understood
… then you have direct perception, because your mind is no longer

J Krishnamurti

It is impossible to do a thing the way I see it because the
closer I get the more differently I see.
Alberto Giacometti

The only real experiences in life [are] those lived with a virgin
sensibility – so that we only hear a tone once, only see a color once,
see, hear, touch, taste and smell everything but once, the first time.
All life is but an echo of our first sensations, and we build up our
consciousness, our whole mental life by variations and combinations of
these elementary sensations.

Herbert Read

An individual\’s ability to draw is … the ability to shift to a
different-from-ordinary way of processing visual information – to shift
from verbal, analytic processing to spatial, global processing.
Betty Edwards

Our art tends to be more real when we concentrate on what we actually
see with our eyes and with our instincts. It becomes difficult and
cumbersome when we are busy trying to figure out what we\’re supposed to
be seeing.

Lyn Asselta

If you look at a thing 999 times, you are perfectly safe; if you
look at it for the 1000th time, you are in danger of seeing it for the
first time.

G. K. Chesterton

The hardest thing to see is what is in front of our eyes.

Wolfgang von Goethe

What is seen by the eye
is transformed and colored by the vision of the mind.

Robert Wade

A mediocre man copying nature will never produce a work of art, because
he really looks without seeing, and though he may have noted each detail
minutely, the result will be flat and without character… the artist on
the contrary, sees; that is to say, his eye, grafted on his heart, reads
deeply into the bosom of nature.

Auguste Rodin

If you
learn something too well, it will get in the way of your perception of



My name is Cheryl Lynn Carla Johnson

I have painted under my Finnish name: Cherah Boryl Jaurvaii.

And most often under my family and friend name…Cheri’