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Lake McDonald

Just returned from a wonderful vacation to the Northwest.

One of my favorite spots. Lake McDonald. So sad it is now on fire. 

What a wonderful memory.



Lost in the finding

I enjoy beauty and capturing or creating rich and complex imagery. If I become lost in something then I know I’m on the right track. Looking for LESS. At the very end of complexity I hope to find simplicity, or at least to get close enough to know its there. The workings of nature and this immense intriguing universe; which is the model of us all- is both vast and complex beyond the most powerful imagination, but it is also’ tenacious,fastidious, efficient in its workings and simple in its design. Ah the continual wave and rolling tide. The potential of a painting or photograph to translate moving images into a fixed frame while retaining enough story information to allow the imagination to be affected in profound ways fascinates me. I am self-taught, the best student of the worst teacher… trying to learn more each day and not being stuck in the past but taking time to be Enthralled by the present.

In trying to keep up with the volume of inspiration I pray for a moments pleasure.


Looking up

I live in such a beautiful place in Kauai, that sometimes the immense amount of green and flowers draw your eye first. Of course, then there is the sea; it is magnificent. Today however, I remember to look up. Even through the screen small spiders and I enjoyed it. The evening skies are lovely.


A friend sent me a photo from Mangum Oklahoma and I am mindful how beautiful everywhere in the world is if you just look up.