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God’s fun day creating

Amazing how many beautiful things just fly by. perhaps a reminder to look up.

First is white rumped shama from Kauai

…sorry pics are in reverse order..ops!

What fun God must have had the day He designed these.
1.Himalayan Monal

2. Formosan Magpie

3. Flamecrest

4. Golden Pheasant

5. Green Jay

6. Kingfisher

7. Lady Amherst’s Pheasant

8. Bleeding Heart Pigeons

9. Nicobar Pigeon

10. Quetzal

11. Winson’s Bird Of Paradise

12.Bird of Paradise

13. Peacock

14. Sup, Polish Chicken

I Can see how it might be possible for a man
to look down upon the earth and be an atheist,
but I cannot conceive how he could look up into
the heavens and say there is no God
Abraham Lincoln

















Slowing down Merry Chritmas

Slowing down gives us more time to look. Having more time to look changes how we see. I wanted to slow down.

Today I picked up my car from Matson in Kauai. It was a great day. I am happy.


Throughout this site you will come across things that I’ve created and things that I am interested in or artists I admire.

This is one question I’ve been asked repeatedly.

What is it that intrigues you about the process of art-making, especially painting, that you like so much?

CJ: I think painting is extremely rewarding and fulfilling, it’s almost meditative. I get lost in it. It’s mixing the color, pushing the paint around. Also, it’s studying. Right now I’m working on multiple pieces. I switch back-and-forth between oils, pastels and watercolor. I love mixed-media. Today I’m painting a simple back of a figure. Recently, I was inspired by the Agnes Martin’s quote where she says she “paints with her back to the world.” I’m studying the figure, and I’m always learning. I guess I love that part of it too. It never stops. It’s like, how can I make this next piece better?

I love figurative pieces but i adore abstract expressionism and painting feelings. I love figurative studies and at one time I loved portraits, but I love both because sometimes, when I’m working on a portrait, it’s analytical in a way. I’m studying the structure and trying to get the personality, whereas when I’m working with palette knives and larger pieces it’s a little freer. I enjoy working with color and texture, as it is a lot looser, more involved in painting my feelings. I need to do something freer before I could get into something more analytical like a portrait.

My work is just so incredibly changing and all about where I live in Kauai is vibrant and full of buzzing energy – I am blessed to be given the amazing gift of colours all around. I particularly want to become freer and adept at randomly building skeens of color by any method from dripping and pouring paint. I delight in serendipity. How joyous to be able to create completely unexpected forms! This stems from the idea of wanting to ‘set the paint free… I am obsessed with my spirit soaring and flying and I wanted the paint to fly and be free as well.

This is what I am working on today…. All inspired by what I read, study or most importantly feel.





I continue to thank GOD for the Miracle of life.

When I am pressed on every side by troubles, I am not crushed and broken. When I am perplexed because I don’t know why things happen as they do, I don’t give up and quit. 2nd Corinthians 4:8

Who knew that two red blood cells, captured by an electron microscope in a science lab, would become such a seductive image? Their apparent embrace, emphasised by the dense black background, brings to mind two lovers oblivious of the world around them.
Steve Gschmeissner discovered this image via a scanning electron microscope which uses a finely focused beam of electrons to construct a 3D image of each specimen that can be magnified up to a million times.

Designer Marc Bessant who selected and developed the image expands; “I was struck by how simple, honest and sensuous the music was sounding with just the two elements – Peter and the strings. ‘Two’ was important – two parts, two acts, two songs, two albums – a shared experience, one dependent on the other.

I wanted the images and colours to be seductive and sensual (touching on sexual), perhaps even a little tense, a relationship between one another. The eventual micrograph of corpuscles was perfect – so graceful and calm, yet with all the passionate, fleshy associations that blood carries.”

I am thankful for God’s great abundance and joy.

Today I am celebrating the color RED.

Favorite red paintings
Henri Matisse Paintings 、Harmony in Red, 1908 –

Amedeo Modgliani » Red Headed Girl In Evening Dress 1918

  • Single Calla Lily on Red Georgia O’Keeffe

    Go here to see more Red.





    Beauty vs materialism

    experiences; impulses, images, emotions, daydreams, and elements from my daily life. Going to the beach today.

    searching….finding elements coming from my daydreams, inner voices, subconscious all are both spontaneous and deliberate. This visual language allows me to share my thoughts, feelings, humor, sadness and fantasy.

    can you discover, see and enjoy these experiences through my art and photography.

    Each day I feel myself growing and becoming. I learn from others.

    From “Walnut Veneer,” an excerpt from the book Inside Out, by Rebecca Solnit.

    “Maybe it’s important to make a distinction between what gets called materialism and what real materialism might be. By materialistic we usually mean one who engages in craving, hoarding, collecting, accumulating with an eye to stockpiling wealth or status. There might be another kind of materialism that is simply a deep pleasure in materials, in the gleam of water as well as silver, the sparkle of dew as well as diamonds, an enthusiasm for the peonies that will crumple in a week as well as the painting of peonies that will last. This passion for the tangible might not be so possessive, since the pleasure is so widely available, much of it is ephemeral, and some of it is cheap, or free as clouds. Then too, the hoarding removes the objects- the Degas drawing, the diamond necklace- to the vault where they are suppressed from feeding anyone’s senses.”


    Out my window

    Out my window hangs the day
    In molten greens and singing yellow
    Clinging to the sky
    Holding on
    Wind lifting
    Spirit moves
    Thank you God for this day
    May I use it fully



    Beyond Boundary

    Looking beyond yourself And painting what you feel.