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Minimalist art

Recently I have been challenging myself to create art that is minimalist in. Concentrating more on shape, form and color. The following are 24×30 on 300lb Arches water color cold press, using Dr. P.H. martins hydrus watercolors.

Minimalism and conceptual art
Minimalism and the conceptual art movement of the 1960s and 1970s completely transformed our understanding of space and materials. Based primarily in New York, the artists involved started creating objects out of raw materials that consisted of basic geometric forms. The goal was to eliminate any kind of reference to the outside world in order to create works that referred only to themselves. For the conceptual artists, this meant that the idea itself could be the work of art. It’s easy to imagine how radical these new pared-back artworks would have been against the background of abstract expressionism – the dominant art movement of the 1940s and 1950s – which prized self-expression and European traditions.

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Exploring the figure

Exploring the figure — my approach to creativity, and life, are continually challenging the ideas of art and the materials that I use to construe them on canvas. I do not want to limit myself in any way. I love learning and exploring new ideas and methods and will works for hours in my studio, creating layers after layers, to deliver what I describe as creating— joy and wonder. Wonder because I want my work to create a feeling, tell a story, or make you think, feel and question; hopefully taking you through a journey of self-discovery.

Despite my ongoing commitment to abstraction, I am currently experimenting with representational motives. Indeed, in my recent works, I have been playfully exploring the back view of a figure. Today my work is rather impressionistic. I wonder what tomorrow will bring?

The work evolves. Painting small in an 8″ x 10″ area has been challenging. In the final work I added a window and a door letting in the world to the viewer.





Where does an image begin? Perhaps in highlight, midtone, and shadow. As an artist I look to create information without losing highlights (too bright) or shadows (too dark). When looking for imagery I am generally looking for a whole composition that tells a story, has good abstract lines for the eye to follow and a fluid mix of highlights and shadows.

Sometimes from my mind, sometimes from things I see. Impressionists had the secret. Put it down and do to fuss with it. Today the subject matter was the people at the beach with children and mothers. Small 5″ x 7 “~ How fun to paint them.



Using your talents to make someone happy is the best feeling. Karen celebrates 68 years and her constant companions are Dorgie and Eddy.


Life moves on

Creating Breathe….




Today I painted.