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Exploring the figure

Exploring the figure — my approach to creativity, and life, are continually challenging the ideas of art and the materials that I use to construe them on canvas. I do not want to limit myself in any way. I love learning and exploring new ideas and methods and will works for hours in my studio, creating layers after layers, to deliver what I describe as creating— joy and wonder. Wonder because I want my work to create a feeling, tell a story, or make you think, feel and question; hopefully taking you through a journey of self-discovery.

Despite my ongoing commitment to abstraction, I am currently experimenting with representational motives. Indeed, in my recent works, I have been playfully exploring the back view of a figure. Today my work is rather impressionistic. I wonder what tomorrow will bring?

The work evolves. Painting small in an 8″ x 10″ area has been challenging. In the final work I added a window and a door letting in the world to the viewer.






Where does an image begin? Perhaps in highlight, midtone, and shadow. As an artist I look to create information without losing highlights (too bright) or shadows (too dark). When looking for imagery I am generally looking for a whole composition that tells a story, has good abstract lines for the eye to follow and a fluid mix of highlights and shadows.

Sometimes from my mind, sometimes from things I see. Impressionists had the secret. Put it down and do to fuss with it. Today the subject matter was the people at the beach with children and mothers. Small 5″ x 7 “~ How fun to paint them.



Using your talents to make someone happy is the best feeling. Karen celebrates 68 years and her constant companions are Dorgie and Eddy.



Today I painted.